My Wedding Vows

I, Melyssa, take you, Louis, to be my husband, recognized first by our sovereign King, the creator and definer of marriage, and second by the government of the United States. In the presence of our dear family and friends, I joyfully enter into this beautiful covenant of marriage, with you as my head and me as your helpmate. I am thankful that we are entering a covenant of grace, for you more than any other person will see how imperfect I am. Therefore, I vow, first and foremost, to make my relationship with Jesus the greatest priority in our marriage, trusting that He will continue the good work He began in me. I vow to be honest about my sin and messiness as I live in the forgiveness and grace of our Savior, for it is in Him and through Him that I stand before you and vow to love you well.

My beloved, I vow to spend a lifetime pursuing your heart and growing in the way I intimately know you. Wherever your ambitions and convictions lead you, I vow to walk with you and foster your God-given gifts, because I am always for you. In all circumstances, I vow to respect your decisions because I desire to affirm that I value your God-given authority over me. As my husband and the leader of our family, I promise to support you, pray for you, and serve you as your helpmate and companion, using my influential role as your wife to encourage you with words of truth and life-giving hope as we navigate through different seasons together.

Our commitments and responsibilities will change, but from this day forward, you shall never walk alone. We will walk through deep sorrows and overwhelming joys. We will struggle and make mistakes, and we will get things right sometimes. We will learn and mature as we are stretched and tested. We may get old or we may get sick. But through it all, I pray our marriage would be a living example of God’s redemptive and faithful presence.

I vow to pursue reconciliation and lay aside my pride so that I can approach you with love and tenderness out of a heart that desires oneness and intimacy. I promise not to abuse your trust by using what I know about you to hurt you because I want our disagreements to encourage conversation and growth, not bitterness and distance.

Louis, today I joyfully give you my purity and vow to remain forever faithful to you only, in both action and thought, protecting our marriage with vigilance. I yield the authority of my body over to you that I would both satisfy you and enjoy you from this day forward. I willingly entrust you with exclusive access to the deepest recesses of my heart and mind. As one with you, I vow to withhold nothing from you and to be honest, transparent, and vulnerable.

As the wife of your youth, I vow to daily invest in our marriage so that it is the source of joy and support that God created it to be. And it is with abounding joy that I stand before you, look into your eyes, and commit to cherish and delight in you only, giving you my whole heart and all my love from this day forward for as long as we both shall live.