About Me

Hello. My name is Melyssa and I am redeemed.

I am foremost a daughter of the King, ransomed by Jesus’ all-sufficient sacrifice.  But, I am also a newlywed married to my best friend Louis [since October 17, 2015!], a graduate student studying to be a Physician Assistant [go IU!], and a puppy-momma to the most adorable Australian Shepherd named Leia [yes, like Star Wars]. I don’t like chocolate, I DO believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I am almost always cold.

My life may be messy and chaotic at times [most of the time], but God is faithfully and sovereignly making beauty out of the imperfection that I have to offer. Between the highlights you might see on social media are the more formidable moments where I am constantly fighting to remember Whose I am and learning to let that influence the way I walk through life.

We each have our own journeys, but we have also been given the grace of community to learn from others’ as well. Maybe somewhere among these pages you will find a nugget or two that God will use to encourage you along your own winding path.


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