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Timing Is Not Everything

When desires are unfulfilled and life does not go as planned, it is easy to appease my anxious heart by convincing myself that things will work out “in due time.” If I continue to trust God through this unexpected setback, God will surely provide down the road. I cope by extending the deadline for my expectations. Rarely though, is it my propensity to give up the expectations altogether.

I have realized that often times I am willing to concede the timing of my plans to the Lord, but I hold onto the plans themselves with a white-knuckled fist. I feed the illusion of control as if I know what is best for me and I simply just have to wait for God to give it to me. Trusting God is more than just trusting him with the timing of your life plan, it is trusting that he has already set in motion a better life plan.


We tell ourselves that we can wait on God’s timing to deliver us our desired outcomes, but what if God’s desired outcome is totally different than ours?


If you are struggling with infertility. It could be that God’s timing is different and he will bless you with a baby down the road. But what if God’s plan is that you never conceive?

If you have someone in your life you pray would change. It could be that God’s timing is different and he will bring forth understanding and conviction down the road. But what if God’s plan is that they never change in the way you want?

If you are experiencing constant setbacks while diligently working toward a certain dream job or career. It could be that God’s timing is different and your patience and fervor will be abundantly rewarded down the road. But what if God’s plan is that you invest your life and resources in a completely different career path?


Don’t get me wrong, there are many times in our lives when what we desire is good and God could simply be developing our patience and perseverance as we wait on Him and His direction. However, I also know that, sometimes, good things become idols and we can become blind to the way we begin to chase after worldly things under the guise of submitting to Christ.

What areas of your life do you find hard to give fully over to the Lord? To give over your timeline is part of trusting the Lord, but it is not everything. Do you truly believe that His plan is better than whatever you could plan for yourself?

I challenge you to be honest and frank with the Lord about your emotions and desires. (Speaking to myself here, too.) Invest time in studying His character and reminding yourself of Truth. Be faithful to wrestle with ways you are struggling to submit and be expectant for the Lord to show up and mold your heart.

One of my favorite verses in the Bible comes from a story in Mark 9 and it says, “I believe; help my unbelief!” May that be our prayer as we learn to find true joy and comfort in fully surrendering to the Lord, confident that His plan is vastly better than whatever we could imagine.


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